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This tachometer was developed with suggestions received from all facets of the industry; manufacturers, service dealers, field personnel, etc. As a result, Electronic Specialties developed the most versatile engine test tachometer available.

The Model 321 incorporates wireless capability as well as interchangeable inductive and capacitive secondary clamp on pickups. The wireless feature provides for quick RPM checks and readings where secondary spark plug wires are inaccessible. The inductive pick-up provides noise free, accurate tachometer readings with (1200oF), heat protected leads of up to twenty feet. The capacitive clip on pick-up allows for hands free engine adjustment where secondary wires are too short to allow entry of an inductive pick-up.

Selector switches allow for direct readings of (4) and (2) cycle engines firing up to three times per revolution. As a result you'll see true RPM readings, regardless of multiple firings per engine revolution. RPM's may be viewed in ranges from 1 to 10,000 in 10 RPM increments, and from 1 to 20,000 in 100 RPM increments.

An RPM hold switch captures and holds the maximum engine speed, if desired, until re-set. A spark indicator LED indicates presence of secondary coil output and will detect misfire. Auto shut-off will occur two minutes after spark input ceases.

Unit comes with one-year warranty. Inductive pick-up included. Capacitive pick-up, carrying case, 10 foot inductive pick-up and 20 foot inductive pick-up are optional equipment.

Test Ranges:   Engines Tested:
0-10,000 RPM   4 cycle
0-20,000 RPM   2 cycle (4 cycle or DIS)
    2 cycle (2X firing)
    2 cycle (3X firing)
Other Features:
Peak RPM hold
Spark Indicator

Price: $194.00


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