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(NOT For King Cobra drives)

OMC introduced the Cobra drive in mid-1985 (although they were marketed as 1986) to replace the old stringer models, which had gear-driven tilt, rather than external hydraulic cylinders like the Cobra. Cobra drives mounted to the transom itself, intead of being mounted directly to the engine and sticking out through a hole in the transom like the stringer drives did. Aside from the hydraulic rams on the Cobra, tho most ovbious difference between the two was a large square rubber seal around the drive at the transom for the stringer drives, and a large visible gear for the tilt on the port side of the stringer's upper case.

COBRA SX models began shipping in the 1994 model year, replacing the original Cobra drive. This was a joint venture between OMC and Volvo Penta. OMC sold their interest in these drives back to Volvo Penta in 1998 when they got out of the stern drive business; Volvo continues to make them. The most obvious difference between most original Cobra drives and the Cobra SX models was that the Cobra SX had a belt-driven seawater pump on the front of the engine; the original Cobras had a shaft-driven water pump inside the upper gearcase. Externally they look very similar.

Exhaust Bellows
Original Cobra thru 1993


Click Image for Larger

Exhaust Bellows
COBRA SX 1994-up


Click Image for Larger

U-joint Bellows
All Models Cobra & SX
85127 3854127

Click Image for Larger

Shift Cable Boot
Original Cobra thru 1993
85826 911826

Click Image for Larger

Outdrive Mounting Kit
(Discard gasket for use
with Cobra SX)
85105 508105

Click Image for Larger

Gimbal Bearing
All Models Cobra & SX
64794 $51.00
Transom Service Kit
Original Cobra thru 1993

Click Image for Larger

Transom Service Kit
COBRA SX 1994-up

Click Image for Larger

Upper Seal Kit
Original Cobra thru 1993

Click Image for Larger

Gearcase Seal Kit
4-cyl 1983-90

Click Image for Larger

Gearcase Seal Kit
V6 & V8 1986-93
4-cyl 1991-93

Click Image for Larger

"Horseshoe" Anode
Original Cobra thru 1993
Click Image for Larger
Gearcase Anode
Original Cobra thru 1993
Click Image for Larger

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